Hero Help Addiction Unit

Recognizing a Need

In partnership with the community, we seek to improve the quality of life for all of our citizens. The goal of Hero Help is to reach beyond criminal arrests in order to combat addiction and related crime. Hero Help provides a greater opportunity for those seeking treatment to overcome addiction and the many problems it causes.

About the Program

Hero Help is a collaboration of the New Castle County Division of Police, Delaware Department of Justice and State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health to provide drug and/or alcohol addiction treatment to qualifying adults who either contact the police and ask for treatment assistance or are allowed entry in lieu of a criminal arrest. Individuals must meet all of the eligibility requirements and sign the program agreement form to be entered into the Hero Help Program.

Program Details

Hero Help participants are streamlined into a 23-hour observation bed facility where they complete a nursing intake and are given a clinical assessment by a licensed counselor.  Based on medical and clinical need, participants are given an individualized care plan and triaged to an appropriate next level of care. As a participant progresses towards meeting their goal of sustained recovery, the Hero Help Program is able to provide legal advocacy, as appropriate, for victimless misdemeanor offenses.


Hero Help is available to:
– Delaware residents
– Adults 18 or older
– Those struggling with addiction
– Voluntary participants
– Those ready to commit to improving their health


Can I put a friend or family member in Hero Help?
The program is strictly voluntary and for those 18 or older.

How long is the program?
Length of treatment depends on individual needs that may include in-patient and/or out-patient care.

Do I need medical insurance?
No, insurance is not needed.